AI conquers Minecraft, and babies after death

+ Scientists have located a way to experienced eggs from transgender men in the lab. It could give them new techniques to start off a family—without the have to have for distressing IVF procedures. Read through the full tale.  + How reproductive technological innovation is changing what it suggests to be a mother or father. Improvements could guide to toddlers with four or additional organic parents—forcing us to reconsider parenthood. Read the comprehensive story.

The will have to-reads

I’ve combed the net to uncover you today’s most exciting/vital/terrifying/interesting stories about know-how.

1 Elon Musk wants to reinstate banned Twitter accounts
It’s an extremely hazardous selection with prevalent repercussions. (WP $) 
+ Recent departures have hit Twitter’s coverage and protection divisions difficult. (WSJ $)
+ It seems to be like Musk’s promise of no additional layoffs was untimely. (Insider $)
+ Meanwhile, Twitter Blue is however reportedly launching up coming week. (Reuters)
+ Consider basically transferring your followers to an additional system. (FT $)
+ Twitter’s opportunity collapse could wipe out broad data of the latest human background. (MIT Engineering Overview)

2 Russia’s vitality withdrawal could destroy tens of thousands in Europe 
Superior gas charges could outcome in a lot more deaths this winter than the war in Ukraine. (Economist $)
+ Bigger fuel rates will also strike Americans as the weather worsens. (Vox)
+ Ukraine’s invasion underscores Europe’s deep reliance on Russian fossil fuels. (MIT Technological know-how Critique)

3 FTX is unable to honor the grants it promised several organizations 
Numerous of them are owning to seek emergency funding to plug the gaps. (WSJ $)
+ Bahamians are not thrilled about what its collapse could indicate for them. (WP $)

4 It is a quieter Black Friday than standard
Procuring isn’t substantially of a precedence proper now. (Bloomberg $)
+ If you do determine to store, make confident you really do not get cheated. (Wired $)

5 The Uk is curbing its use of Chinese surveillance systems 
But only on “sensitive” government sites. (FT $)
+ The world’s greatest surveillance organization you’ve never listened to of. (MIT Engineering Evaluate)

6 Long covid is however incredibly tricky to treat 
Its indications range wildy, which can make it tough to monitor, way too. (Undark)
+ A common flu vaccine is on the lookout promising. (New Scientist $)

7 San Francisco’s law enforcement is taking into consideration allowing robots use fatal drive
The drive has 12 remotely piloted robots that could, in theory, destroy someone. (The Verge)

8 Human hibernation could be the key to acquiring us to Mars 
It could be the closest we can get to time vacation. (Wired $)

9 Why TikTok is instantly so obsessed with dabloons 
It’s a variety of select-your-own-experience pleasurable. (The Guardian)

10 We can not stop trying to reinvent mousetraps 🧀
There are thousands of variations out there, however we retain coming up with new types. (New Yorker $)

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