An Affordable And Programmable PLC

We’re all used to general purpose microcontroller boards this kind of as the Arduino or its a lot of imitators, but perhaps we do not see as considerably of their industrial cousins. A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a computer built to automate industrial equipment, and will come with safeguarded interfaces and generally a particular PLC programming setting. Thus [Galopago]’s function with an low-cost Chinese PLC clone is especially exciting, furnishing a route forward to utilizing it in the Arduino IDE ecosystem.

Opening it up, the processor is identified as an STM32F103, and the relationship needed to put it in bootloader mode is discovered. Then it can be programmed from the Arduino IDE, even although its bootloader can not be modified. Then to finish the approach it is needed to recognize the different unique inputs and outputs by aged-fashioned hardware reverse engineering.

This PLC might not be very as strong as some items costing a great deal extra income, but it still represents a price-efficient way to entry a microcontroller board with a lot of the interface circuitry presently set up that would typically be required for managing equipment. We be expecting that we’ll be looking at it show up on these internet pages above the coming months, and most likely there may possibly even be another comparison in the air.

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