Asus Laptop Computer – Asus Ul50Vt Ultra-Portable Review

Pros of owning a ASUS UL50Vt

1. The option of either using the onboard graphics or switching to the discrete NVIDIA card for graphics is great. The onboard is for when you want to conserve the battery while on the go. The discrete Nvidia card is there to add performance by reducing the amount of RAM your computer uses for the onboard graphics card. All in all you get the benefits of having 11 hours of battery life with onboard enabled but you can also use the discrete when you need the performance.

2. The 8-cell battery promises 10-11 hours of battery life and with some fiddling in the settings you can get those numbers but getting 5-6 hours is very easy. The battery life also depends on your configuration if you have a 1.3Ghz Core 2 Duo low volt processor then the battery life will be better than that of the P9600 Core 2 processor.

3. The LED screen looks really good and isn’t that much different than what you get with a Mac laptop and is definitely better than later model PC laptops.

4. Windows 7 on the UL50Vt is great it helps a lot with the battery life and is just a great looking OS. The UL50Vt almost boots instantly with Windows 7.

Cons of owning a ASUS UL50Vt

1. The UL50Vt is made of plastic so it does get finger-prints on it especially on the palm rests. Something I can recommend is a laptop skin to stave off finger-prints and scratches.

2. The buttons below the mouse pad aren’t two separate buttons instead it’s just one long bar. This makes it easy to make a mistake and right click or left click at the wrong times.

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