Best Windows 7 Registry Cleaner – Restore Your PC Like New

Do you experience slow PC startup, lagging applications and frequent crashes? If you are planning to trash your current unit and buy a new one, don’t do them just yet. Your computer system must be suffering from dirty, damaged and cluttered registry. Even if you are using Windows 7 and the latest 64-bit version, cluttering of registry is still an avoidable and normal phenomenon. To solve these problems, all you need is to install the best Windows 7 registry cleaner.

Windows 7 is the latest Operating System released by Microsoft for the PC. It has 32 and 64-bit versions. Though similar in appearance, 64-bit systems of Windows 7 function more optimally. They can maximize the use of RAM, with at least 4 GB size, and the processor. Naturally, its registry requires the latest and thorough scanning programs. Older registry scanning products may not work on Windows 7, especially on its 64-bit edition.

How can the registry software work for me?

You can manually tweak the registry by using regedit.exe on your Windows PC. However, the great number of items there can be confusing. It may take hours, even days to finish fixing it, especially if you have been running Windows for a long time already. Besides, the process is prone to human error.

In choosing the best Windows 7 registry cleaner, you must consider reviews, user feedback and ratings from software sites. A good registry cleaner can be used even by non software-savvy people. It must have the one-click maintenance feature. By using this, the software will automatically scan the systems’ registry. It will look for errors on drivers, conflicting registry keys and ActiveX control problems. Registry cluttering happens after repeated installation and removal of programs. Junk files are not completely removed by the “uninstall” button. The cleaner will identify and permanently remove these files.

The best Windows 7 registry cleaner also has startup managers and disk defragmenters. With the startup manager, you can choose the programs that automatically run as you turn your PC on. Defragmenter, on the other hand, combines free blocks in your hard disk. These applications will optimize the performance of your PC. You can now say goodbye to sudden error warnings and unwanted data loss. If a disk is defragmented, a computer can write and access files on it more quickly.

It is better if your chosen product specializes on Windows application. For example, look for a feature that manages your Internet Explorer activities. This software can also help protect your privacy through software protection and history deletion.

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