Fix My Slow Running Computer – How Do I Get My Computer’s Speed Back?

A computer can lose some or all of its speed for any of several reasons. A loss of computer speed can happen because programs were installed on a computer that didn’t meet the minimum amount of resources required for this program. Actually, the situation doesn’t arise too often today because most computers are quite powerful.

Viruses and spyware can cause our computers to lose some or all of their speed. In some cases, viruses can shut down the computer altogether. Virus programs are written with the sole purpose of destroying computers. So if a virus actually infects your computer it could disable it.

Spyware on the other hand is written to get information about you. However, as it is doing its work it uses many of your computer’s resources and therefore slows it down. This is relatively common in today’s world. Fortunately most computers have good virus and spyware programs installed on them. In fact, Windows operating systems will always remind us if our computer does not have virus protection.

Corruption Just Happens to Happen

Probably the most common reason a computer loses speed is registry corruption. Registry corruption happens when code is added or subtracted from our operating system. The way this code gets changed is by adding programs or deleting them or even upgrading them. This is true even of Windows upgrades. Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds a Windows upgrade can cause registry corruption because the Windows upgrade doesn’t upgrade all the programs installed on the computer, just the OS.

Registry corruption is rather innocuous in the fact that it is not out to destroy our computer and it does happen from normal use. Still, when the registry becomes very corrupt it can make the computer impossible to use. Unlike viruses, it is not a program that was written to destroy our computers or even steal information from us. It is simply a part of the normal wear and tear our computers are exposed to when we use them.

A Computer That’s Lost its Zing

No, the solution isn’t to stop using our computer. The solution is to simply use a registry cleaner periodically to keep corruption from building up. Other problems registry corruption may cause are error pop-ups, freezes and sometimes unprovoked computer rebooting. Beyond that, even a blue screen error could possibly cause corruption in the registry.

If you think your computer is losing some of its zing, or you’re seeing error messages pop up on your screen every now and then, it may be time to use a registry cleaner. Still, you have to remember that registry cleaners do nothing to fight spyware or keep viruses out of your computer; you need to use a virus and spyware cleaner to do this. And yes, if you have added a lot of new programs to your computer, it may be wise to add some extra RAM.