How to Build Paintball Bunkers

So you want to learn how to build paintball bunkers, and you want to learn now. Here is a couple of great ways you can go about building homemade paintball bunkers for your field.

Unless you have a couple thousand dollars to spare for a complete inflatable airball field, then chances are you will be forced to find other means to get your field going. These means mostly consist of bumming materials from friends, or using whatever scrap junk is in your shed or available in town.

Spools – Spools are generally used for transporting massive lengths of cord and other industrial wires and such. You can find a spool or two at a local hardware store, in most cases in the back. Often times you can get them for free, especially if the hardware store has no use for them.

Pallets – Wooden pallets, plastic pallets, they all work. They can be found also at a local hardware store. They are used for transporting skids of materials and products, and are much easier to find for free. Most stores have a stack or two out back of the storefront, of which sit for months before they find some use for them. Since they never have a shortage of these, you can be sure they will gladly give you a truck load or two.

Carpet Rolls – This is a pretty unconventional idea. But, if you have rolls of carpet that will never see use, then why not put them to good use on your paintball field. You’d be surprised how many people just throw away rolls of carpet after laying a new roll down. As long as you have wood that can be used for a frame then you are set. Just make a frame and wrap some carpet around it and you have yourself a 3-dimensional bunker.

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