How to Make Mobile Web Apps Work for Your Business

With the growing use of smartphones, mobile web apps have become the perfect direct channel to customers. It is critical for today’s marketers to learn and take advantage of the many uses of mobile applications which will benefit their businesses.

The biggest advantage of mobile web apps is the fact that it has a real-time and precise connection to consumers. Most people bring their mobile phones wherever they go. With mobile web apps, businesses can get immediate access to their market as well as gain valuable insight.

Mobile web apps can contain traditional programs like games or it can be a medium to introduce a product or a service to a target market. They can also enhance the brand by being able to provide customers with additional services, like coupon finders or store locators which are examples of location-based apps. These apps are very popular because they can determine the exact location of a user, creating many opportunities but they have to have an opt-in from users.

It is a challenge to compel a user to opt-in to a location-based app but if you have a useful application, then people will want it. Of course, more people will opt-in if the app is free and it becomes even more appealing if users can personalize the app to meet their specific needs. An app that’s useful, customizable and free will be highly sought-after and be able to compete with other forms of mobile services.

What else makes an app a sure hit? Having a rich interface will certainly draw and engage users. Take advantage of phone functionalities like different touch screen features to make the app fun or interesting to use. Develop an app with its longevity in mind. It has to be something that users not only enjoy once but want to keep using. Offer something unique that people will want to use the app again and again and perhaps recommend to others. It is important to get user feedback so make sure to create a channel for this. Use this feedback to regularly update and improve the app according to user’s needs.

Most importantly, a mobile web app must be relevant to the brand or aligned with its values for it to have a real impact on a business. The consumer has to make the connection between the brand and the experience of using the app. The intention is not only to reach customers but also to build the brand.

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