MikroLeo, A 4-Bit Retro Learning Platform

MikroLeo is a discrete TTL logic-primarily based microcomputer intended for instructional uses established by [Edson Junior Acordi], an Electronics Professor at the Brazilian Federal Institute of Paraná, Brazil. The 4-bit CPU has a Harvard RISC architecture constructed entirely from 74HCT collection logic mounted on a two-sided PCB making use of only as a result of-hole components. With 2K words of instruction RAM and 2K text of addressable RAM, the CPU has a identical useful resource degree to similar machines of previous, offering students a experience for how to get the job done within just restricted constraints.

Simulation of the circuit is attainable with digital, with the dedicated PCB created with KiCAD, so there must be more than enough there to get cracking with it. 4 4-little bit IO ports make interfacing straightforward, with committed Input and OUTput directions for the function. An assembler, compiler, and emulator are all staying labored on (as much as we can convey to) so maintain an eye out for that, if this challenge is of curiosity to you.

We like computer systems a bit all over these components, the “hackier” and weirder the improved. Even just in the 4-little bit retro house, we have seen so quite a few, from those people constructed all over historic ALU chips to these constructed from discrete transistors and diodes, but you really don’t need to have to go down that road, an emulation system can scratch that retro itch, devoid of the same level of discomfort.

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