Printers and Scanners – Additional Hardware For Your Computer

Do you have a laptop or a desktop computer? What additional hardware to you have for it? Do you have a printer? And what about a scanner? It is not imperative to have a printer or a scanner to have a fully functional computer. Some people might think that they don’t need to get one because they are parts that your computer can do without and still do its work perfectly. However, these are important parts of a computer and would probably be often used.

A printer is a computer hardware which enables you to produce a hard copy of whatever file you have in your computer. There are several types of printers. A laser printer uses a printing process where an image is made through the scanning of a laser beam through the photoreceptor of the printer. An inkjet printer uses in to produce an image in any medium. A thermal printer makes an image through the use of a thermal paper and a thermal print head. An image is produced when the thermal paper passes over the thermal pint head. A dot matrix printer works by running through the printing medium back and forth and creating an impact on a ribbon similar to that of a typewriter.

A printer would not be of any use if it does not have the right accessories. A printer needs to have a cable which would attach it to a computer. This would allow transfer of the computer files into a hard copy. To produce a hard copy, you would of course need to have printing paper or a printing medium. Different types of printers would also require different parts for producing an image. Laser printers need to have laser tone. Inkjet printers would need ink cartridges. Dot matrix printers would need ribbons.

An image scanner or most commonly called a scanner, is a device which scans any printed material or objects and produces a digital image. Scanners are used to create an electronic version of a hard copy. There are also different types of scanners. The most commonly used one is called a flatbed or a desktop scanner. Another type is the sheet-fed scanner that looks almost like a printer. As it names implies, the document is moved through it to get a scan. Another type is the handheld scanner. This relies on the user to move it to get a scan. An example of this is the pen scanner. Scanners generally do not need accessories except for maybe a cable that will connect it to the computer.

There are also products which combines a printer and a scanner. Some might even have more than just a printer and scanner together. These products are more convenient to use. You would only need one cable to connect it to the computer and one power source. This would also be budget-friendly because you won’t need to buy these separately which could be expensive. This would also save space because you would only have one compact product.

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