Sorts of Computer Programming Languages

We learnt in the former class about what a computer plan and programming usually means.

We therefore know that we will need a language to be able to “converse” or talk with a computer system. There are a few primary sorts of programming languages. A laptop can having said that realize ONLY Machine Language right. The earliest laptop systems were prepared in equipment language.

Machine Language: is expressed in binary utilizing only and 1.


  • Directly easy to understand by the laptop
  • Processing and effects were being very quickly


  • Getting represented in Binary form, the codes have been was pretty challenging to study and have an understanding of by human beings
  • All the data and guidelines had to be manually transcribed into Equipment Language (Binary Form) and all benefits had to be decoded from Device Language to Human Readable type
  • Coding and Decoding took a extensive time
  • Size of the application utilized to be enormous and subsequently resulted in mistakes

Assembly Language: this language utilized the use of Mnemonics (human memory aids) with limited use of Device Language. These aids arrived in the kind of abbreviations for conventional repeated functions such as Ad or Insert for addition, SUB for subtraction, HLT for halting or stoping the program, and so on. It also started off the use of Octal or Hexadecimal codes as shorter palms for Binary codes.


  • Simpler code as when compared to binary (Device Language)
  • Shorter systems


  • Absence of uniformity: Abbreviations utilised by Assembly Language differed from device to machine. Hence, each and every assembly language code was restricted to a distinct equipment and needed a Translator to transform it to a equipment usable type

High Level Language (HLL): transcribe courses as “statements” employing limited vocabulary from English. Illustrations of Superior Stage Languages are – Simple, PASCAL, FORTRAN, COBOL, ALGOL, CORAL-66, FORTH, and so forth. Infact, what we use now as programming languages are all examples of High Degree Languages.


  • Uniformity reached: overrides the deficiency of machine dependent code
  • Use of English with proper syntax built it less complicated to compose plans
  • Applications penned in Superior Degree Languages are much shorter, adaptable and quicker to operate with and debug

We occur to the stop of our present day lesson. Up coming we consider a fast glance into a few more primary but critical principles that assistance being familiar with the concept of programming this sort of as translators, algorithms, flowcharts, and many others in advance of we just take to composing computer system applications!