Ten Exercise Questions For CCNA Exam – Test Follow For CCNA 640-802

Apply is the mom of understanding. After researching your textbooks and learning the principle for the CCNA syllabus, the greatest method to assimilate and bolster your knowledge is to clear up several practice issues and research take a look at examinations. This short article gives ten apply questions which aim on a wide vary of subject areas that you require to master for passing your CCNA test.

Concern 1: Which of the pursuing CLI prompts implies that you are functioning in privileged EXEC method?

A. Hostname>
B. Hostname#
C. Hostname-config
D. Hostname-exec>

Remedy: B

Problem 2: What command do you style to conserve the configuration stored in RAM to NVRAM?

Answer: copy jogging-config startup-config

Query 3: Which information and facts does the present vlan command exhibit?

A. Ports that are configured as trunks
B. VMPS server configuration parameters
C. Names of the VLANs and the ports that are assigned to the VLANs
D. VTP domain parameters

Solution: C

Concern 4: What are two attributes of OSPF? (Select two.)

A. Proprietary
B. Related to RIP
C. Hierarchical
D. Open up Common
E. Length Vector Protocol

Respond to: C, D

Query 5: Which command can you type at the router prompt to verify the broadcast frequency for IGRP?

Respond to: show ip protocols

Dilemma 6: Which command is utilized, and in what context, to halt routing updates from exiting a router’s serial interface?

Response: Router(config-router)#passive-interface s0

Question 7: Which subnet mask would be ideal for a Class C handle utilised for 9 LANs, every with 12 hosts?

D. 255.255.255.

Answer: B

Question 8: Which command the right way specifies that network 10… is instantly linked to a router that is running EIGRP?

A. Router(config-router)# network 10…
B. Router(config-router)# router eigrp 10…
C. Router(config)# community 10…
D. Router(config)# router eigrp 10…

Response: A

Query 9: What does a change do when a body is gained on an interface and the spot hardware handle is not known or not in the filter table?

Answer: The switch floods the community with the body attempting to ensure that the machine gets the body.

Issue 10: What protocol is used to locate the hardware tackle of a regional system?

Response: Tackle Resolution Protocol (ARP)