Warning Dangerous Spyware – Have You Been Getting a Pop Up Warning Dangerous Spyware Message?

Warning dangerous spyware! Your computer is infected! Windows has detected spyware infection. Warning spyware detected on your computer!

Do these pop up messages look familiar? This has been a common theme with the latest spyware infections. First they infect your computer through a variety of different means. These can include:

1. Visiting a malicious website that loads a virus onto your computer.

2. Being the victim of a browser hijacker.

3. Using P2P or other file sharing networks to download files.

4. A security gap in Adobe, Java, or other programs that connects to the internet.

Once the viruses get onto your computer they first infect your registry. Through the registry they are able to create pop up messages like the “warning dangerous spyware” message that you may be getting.

The pop up messages link to a fake antivirus or anti-spyware program that will simply infect your computer further and scam you out of money. Do NOT fall for the trap.

You cannot allow these viruses to fester on your computer. Not only does it put your computer at risk, your identity could be in danger too. The viruses use spyware and keyloggers to record sensitive information like passwords, credit card, and bank account numbers.

To get rid of the warning dangerous spyware messages you need a robust spyware removal program. Because your registry is infected, you must use a program that performs embedded registry scans. Programs like AdAware and SpyBot cannot do this.

Fortunately I have found a program that can remove warning dangerous spyware message with ease. It also provides real time protection to prevent future attacks. Try it out for yourself for free below.