Watch Out for This Email Scam Pretending to Be From YouTube Support

Watch Out for This Email Scam Pretending to Be From YouTube Support

If you have a YouTube channel, there is a new (new to me anyway) email rip-off that you need to be informed of. This scam landed in my inbox before nowadays. Thankfully, the fraud is so poorly executed that it is rather uncomplicated to location. 

The rip-off is that anyone finds the e mail address you have associated with the “about” web site on your YouTube channel then sends you a PDF by sharing it by means of Google Travel. The PDF is titled “Copyright Warning” and promises to be from “YouTube Guidance.” On the other hand, the email deal with associated with the shared file is a generic Gmail tackle. That’s the initially clue that the e mail is a phishing try. 

An additional clue that this was a scam was that in my scenario, the e mail deal with identified on my channel’s about website page is diverse from the one particular that I use to in fact log into and publish films on my channel. YouTube support, from whom I have obtained authentic e-mails, will only get in touch with you by means of the email that you use to log into and publish on your YouTube channel. 

For the reason that I love unraveling scams like these, I built a movie to emphasize the flaws with the fraud and how to steer clear of falling for it. You can enjoy the movie right here on my YouTube channel or as embedded beneath. at?v=n0WHrCQFt_Y

Purposes for Instruction

I like to get rip-off electronic mail attempts like this one particular and use them as the foundation for short lessons about cybersecurity. Email messages the like the one particular I got now have some tell-tale indications of a scam that are pretty quick to spot. See if your students can spot them.

Some comparable frauds that I’ve unraveled in the past pair of decades include things like this one about graphic attribution and this one particular also about impression attribution from anyone pretending to be a law firm.