What Happens To A File Once You Hit Delete

If you chose not to tinker around with your Windows operating system, then the file automatically goes in the Recycle Bin. If you ever decide you still need the file, you can simply search through the trash (a funny concept Microsoft makes us go through) and you’ll find your deleted […]

Why You Ought to Care About Computer Data Recovery

PC’s are an amazing time saver and tool for organizing. However, the more we rely on computers to store data, the more dependent our valuable data safety is on technology. technology can let you down. The good news is that there exists means to recovery your data even after catastrophes. […]

How To Troubleshoot Your Computer Hardware

There could be many reasons why you’d want to troubleshoot your computer, well, one actually and that’s because something is not working right. The process of troubleshooting is something you learn after working for a long time with computers. Often enough when there’s a problem, nothing is going to explicitly […]

Open Supply Progress – Protected or Not?

Bridget J. Sims

It is a prevalent notion that open supply as opposed to the proprietary program is more inclined to breaking down thanks to the means of code crackers to manipulate the source code to malfunction. Though this point of perspective is justified, simply because you can in fact see the code, […]

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