A Single Board Computer From A TV

It is an annoyance for some users of our neighborhood, that it has come to be virtually extremely hard to purchase a Tv that is not a so-known as “smart” Tv set. These models have a laptop as perfectly as the display, and it boots into a locked-down OS with […]

Smart Building Technology: Examples and Opportunities

With the increasing technological advancements and consumer demands in day-to-day life, everything is becoming intelligent. As a result, things around us have dramatically transformed from wristwatches to mobile devices, cars, and homes. The next frontier evolution is smart buildings, rapidly transitioning the lifestyle of humans on personal and professional fronts. […]

IEEE’s Microwave Society Gets a New Name

In our pilot examine, we draped a slim, flexible electrode array more than the floor of the volunteer’s brain. The electrodes recorded neural signals and despatched them to a speech decoder, which translated the alerts into the text the person meant to say. It was the 1st time a paralyzed […]

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