Latest Software Development Trends

Software companies with tight-knit agile and strong release management practices have a significant competitive advantage. To realize this advantage, an organization must first optimize its release management process and identify the most appropriate platform and release management tools. In 2016, we heard the slow and steady drumbeat of smart tools, […]

Where to Start With IT Certification?

Like with most things in life you need to start with the basics! You need to give yourself a good grounding in basic computer and network functionality before you attempt to tackle more specialised subjects. Even if you do have experience working in an IT environment it is still a […]

How Large Is Huge Data?

Did you at any time ponder when you upload your photograph or improve a standing or even feedback on your pals profile, how does it get stored? Have you at any time imagined the size of the info that tens of millions of consumers produce each and every working day? […]

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