Best Registry Cleaner For 2010

The Windows Registry is a key component which is developed to house and retrieve all the varied assortment of configuration data needed for applications and system components to ensure each application and hardware device in your PC to work stably and smoothly. The Windows Registry is available in nearly every Microsoft Windows version including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, and more.

It is basically a central hierarchical repository that comprises of extended information that Windows continually references during operation, such as profiles for each application, the data of kernel, device drivers data, services, SAM, user interface and third party applications all make use of the Registry, where programs are stored, which helper programs (known as DLLs) are shared among your various applications, listings of all your Start-menu shortcuts, and pointers to the programs that fire up when you click on an icon.

With continuous usage of every application in your PC, one day you find that the Windows Registry is cluttered as a teenager’s bedroom and your PC is running slower and slower. A problematic registry can cause various different errors, such as runtime errors, DLL errors, run dll errors, and Windows protection errors on your system. In more severe conditions, registry errors may also render your system useless by stopping it from starting up.

How to choose out the best registry cleaner?

Scan and remove invalid, obsolete, and malicious entries from the registry

Within just a few mouse-clicks, your registry cleaner enables you to safely scan, quickly identify and effortlessly remove all unwanted information like invalid, obsolete, malicious entries, extra gaps, embedded keys, empty registry keys and some other obsolete and redundant files hidden in your Windows Registry which result in frequent system sluggish, Windows shutdown problem, the blue screen of death and annoying system errors.

Intuitive layout and easy-to-use interface

After running a scan, registry cleaners will display all detected errors on the easy-to-use interface with category to make it simpler for you. You can manually scan these results and select the item you want to retain and the ones you want to remove. If you don’t want to do this, just select the option that enables you to delete all the errors automatically.

Defragment the registry

Performing certain activities like frequently installing additions and removing obsolete entries can result in bloated and fragmented registry. After removing empty or obsolete entries, it may leave behind empty spaces in Windows Registry, which is also known as registry holes. These holes can add up and increase the size of the registry. Using the defrag option included in the registry, you can easily remove these registry holes and compact the size of the registry. These tools also enable you to re-index the registry files to improve the data access time of your system.

Remove embedded keys

Shareware program manufacturers store licensing information and prevent users from evading software license agreements through adding embedded keys in the registry during installation. These embedded keys are also used by spyware designers to add unwanted, malicious or hidden entries to the registry on purpose to slow down your system and attack it for illegal commercial gains. A reliable, efficient, and advanced registry cleaner provides you with the option to safely scan and eternally remove these embedded keys and prevent the registry from growing due to these entries.

Schedule regular registry scan

To ensure that you do not forget to periodically scan your registry, many registry cleaners allow you to set a schedule for automatic registry scans.

Additional features

A reliable, efficient, and advanced registry cleaner must offer you additional features that help you not only perform extremely helpful registry maintenance but also perform some other PC maintenance tasks also. Advanced registry cleaner software programs comprise of cutting-edge benefits that help you manage startup programs, the uninstalled problems on your system data, Internet Browser Help Objects (BHOs), program shortcuts, files such as cookies and temporary files, and perform many other tasks that help you in keeping your PC in good health.