Optimizing Windows 98 – Using a Registry Cleaner to Optimize and Clean Windows 98

Nobody really uses Windows 98 anymore let alone manufacture the software and updates for it. However, some people still use it and you maybe one of the users of Windows 98. Something you should be worried about if in case you are still a Windows 98 user is that trying to optimize the Windows 98 computer registry.

The Windows registry is a database found inside the operating system and it stores important locations of files and programs so this is where everything happens when the computer looks for files that you need. It serves as a storehouse but it also serves as the dumping ground for all the error causing junk. So how does the registry accumulate all the junk? It come from various things but one good example of a source of junk are the bits of fragments left when you install and uninstall programs. Other problems like viruses, spyware and malware can also cause a bloated registry.

If you are wondering when and where this whole registry thing started, it was actually introduced with Windows 98. Since that was the first time it was introduced, cleaning and repair software for the registry is still not fully developed and had very little features unlike now that registry repair software has all the extra features that you need in order for it to effectively do its job. Another thing was that being the first time for it to be developed, the registry will surely have some bugs compared to registries for updated Windows computers now.

We all know by now what happens when the Windows registry is all messed up. You will experience a slowdown of the performance of the computer including the slow startup and loading of all applications, you get frequent system freezes where your work is constantly bothered when the application suddenly freezes and needs rebooting and you also get system crashes every once in a while. To cap it all off, the ending of this maybe a broken computer resulting in you buying a new computer.

So how do you optimize Windows 98? The answer is none other than by using a registry cleaning software. You maybe bothered that you will not find software that is compatible with your Windows 98 but there are actually cleaning software that is compatible for all Windows types computer regardless of what you are using right now.

Do not forget to install a virus software and other security protection programs that will protect your computer. Remember that the Windows 98 is more delicate than most Windows based computers because it is already obsolete therefore it is more fragile and more prone to acquiring errors. Because of its fragility, it will need more care and regular checkups than most computers.

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