A Review of the Registry Easy Registry Cleaner

For this article, I thought I would go ahead and review a registry cleaner. There are many registry cleaners on the market. But for this, I will be reviewing Registry Easy. I came across this software recently. I figured I would go ahead and try it out and review this program.

The Registry Easy website has a long list of features listed for this registry cleaner. It looks pretty impressive. The company website also claims that the software has been downloaded over 3.2 million times. Nice.

Anyway, it’s time to download and install Registry Easy. The download is just 2.3MB. A very small download, even if you are on dial-up. The installation is also very quick. Both downloading and installing this program took under a minute for me. So now, it’s time to see if this product is any good.

I loaded this program and I am taken to its main menu. There are a few buttons on the left. Each button then brings up additional tools the software has. Here is the complete list of tools listed.

Scan & Clean
-Registry Cleaner
-Evidence Cleaner
-Junk File Cleaner
-Duplicate Cleaner

– Registry Backup
– Restore Point

IE Tools
– BHO Manager
– IE Restore

Optimize System
– System Optimizer
– Block ActiveX
– Error Utilities
– Registry ActiveX
– Tweak Memory

System Tools
– Startup Manager
– Uninstall Manager

A pretty impressive feature list. Especially since this is a registry cleaner, not a system utilities program.

Anyway, I went ahead and ran the registry cleaner. It took a bit of time (which is a good thing) and it found over 1600 errors. That’s quite a lot. Part of me is a bit hesitant to let a registry cleaner make that many changes to the computer registry. However, what reassures me is that I can use Registry Easy to make a backup of my registry. That way if something goes wrong, I can restore the changes.

As far as the other tools with Registry Easy, all of them seem to work quite well. I especially like the System Optimizer and Tweak Memory/Memory Optimizer.

In closing, I am pretty impressed with Registry Easy. It has a lot more tools then many other registry cleaners out on the market. If you are looking to purchase a registry cleaner, definitely look into Registry Easy.

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