How to Maintenance Dell E151FP Liquid crystal display Watch

This model of lcd keep an eye on I experienced acquired a large amount of my subscriber needs. All are concerning support guide and how-to repaired the dell e151fp lcd keep track of. So I made a decision to write this fixed notes to you.

Final year until finally now, I had fixed many of this product lcd monitors. But most of the issues are no ability or ability on about 3 2nd then electricity minimize off. In fact Dell E151FP Lcd keep track of are make from Acer (Acer FP553 Chassis). The harmed factors will need to modify are all the similar. When I initial time repaired this product liquid crystal display, I made use of about 1 and fifty percent hrs to resolve these problems. Immediately after I had these repairing knowledgeable on dell e151fp liquid crystal display watch, I just made use of about ten minutes to resolve these variety of signs or symptoms.

Right after you read through this practical take note, then you will know which elements or part are effortlessly ruined and you can immediately test these very first. Lastly these tips are help you save you a large amount of time and funds. Under are the lists of typical faulty factors at the Dell E151FP Liquid crystal display Keep track of.

Symptom: No electricity or electric power comes up a when then no electrical power.

1) F601= 2A Fuse

2) C605= 68uf 400v (must change)

3) R615= .68ohm 1watt

4) Q601= SSS6N60A

5) R613= 1Kohm 1/8watt (value altered to 2.3Kohm or higher)

6) R623= 4.7ohm 1/8watt (worth altered to 7.2ohm or greater)

7) D604= 1N4148

8) IC601=UC3842B

9) C707 & C703= 1000uF 16V (will have to adjust, simply because of undesirable ESR value) secondary filter capacitor.

Sometime, this product liquid crystal display also have some other people problem, like exhibit darkness. This trouble of dell e151fp lcd monitor, you just have to have to resolder the inverter segment (terrible points or dry joint) and also check out the capacitor benefit with ESR meter. It will remedy your troubles.

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