Lower Cost Digital Signage Hardware For Everyone

Bridget J. Sims

Digital signage hardware explained.

Digital signage hardware is a booming industry and to benefit from it companies are often put off with the investment without investigating the choices fully.

So what is available for a dynamic advertising solution, here we will look at a few devices from a LCD advertising screen, video wall and out-of-doors digital signage by using a LCD enclosure.

Indoor digital signage hardware.

Digital posters, LCD posters and LCD advertising screens all fall under this category, the solution is a basic one and the most cost-effective, but it does have it’s limitations.

So what is a LCD poster?

These comprise of a LCD display that is of digital signage standard (developed to run 24×7), with a built-in device that stores the adverts that stores the content on a memory card, these can be wall mounted or floor standing, it relies upon how you intend to use them.

These LCD advertising screens are available in a wide range of sizes from 20″ to a big 65″ LCD advertising display.

Benefits – They are straightforward to use and simple to set up, all you have to do is generate the advertisements and then drag-n-drop them onto the storage card, insert the card into the device that stores the adverts and lock the compartment then follow the onscreen menu to set up how the content will appear to customers.

Disadvantages – The ads can only be updated manually, so a member of staff has to go to each poster and plug a flash drive into the USB port to update new, fresh adverts.

Free standing digital poster give a more dramatic effect to a digital show.

Video wall.

Video walls are used throughout the world, from shopping malls to music concerts at baseball stadiums, the reason behind their use is that these video walls make it possible for most of the audience to see what is happening on the screen, ideal for a music concert when you are near the back and can only hear your music idol, now you can see your idol on a 13 metre high video wall, so you don’t miss out on any of the stage shots.

Typical video walls are time-consuming to put up with storage and transportation a difficulty too, now there is a new solution on the market that takes 79% less time to set up, 76% less storage space and with the saving in space the transit costs are also 77% less, the solution is a flexible video wall.

These can be a little pricey for outside electronic marketing, unlike a very lower cost solution for out-of-doors electronic marketing using an LCD enclosure.

An LCD enclosure, will allow the advertiser to use a classic or commercial LCD or plasma flat panel TV connected to a device that stores the adverts that shows the advertisements. The metal LCD enclosure safeguards the display from the climate as well as any possible vandalism, this gives the advertiser piece of mind knowing that their marketing project is running and the dynamic advertising hardware is safe and sound.

Using a standard LCD TV and a LCD enclosure is the most reasonable solution for outdoor digital signage known in the industry.

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