NCIS Character Evaluation – Agent Tim McGee

McGee. McGeekle. McGoogle. McMotherboard. Elf Lord. Shall I go on? Tim McGee is one particular of the funniest people on the show, and is frequently teased by DiNozzo and Ziva. Developing up, he was a nerd in school, the opposite of Dinozzo. All through the sequence, Tony has a great deal of problems knowledge McGee’s infatuation with desktops, which is why he teases Mcgee so substantially. Tim is not the greatest agent in conditions of battling and interrogation, but he is the very best in obtaining information and facts on suspects. McGee has several degress, such as a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins, and a Masters in Computing Forensics from MIT. He is a laptop genius, and fairly laid back for a federal agent.

McGee is really persistent when it arrives to digital information. When faced with a difficult stage of laptop encryption, or a tough undertaking, he may perhaps remain up the whole night doing work on it. He does not give up until finally he finds what the staff is seeking for, and the felony is put behind bars. Persistence is McGee’s ideal trait. This is major, because when dealing with computer system forensics, you are not able to give up on a obstacle.

Even with McGee’s humor, intelligence, and wit, he is delicate to the belief of many others. If 1 human being tells him that his hair appears to be like negative, he will request anyone else how his hair seems. He cares enormously about what other people today believe of him, primarily those near to him. This can be noticed when he asks his fellow brokers what they feel of his new gentle beard seem. To which Tony teases him, and Gibbs forces him to shave it off.

Agent McGee will make for a incredibly exceptional NCIS agent, and his character is so sensible and real-to-everyday living. He represents how a geek can grow up to be a Federal Agent, as extended as you have self-confidence in on your own. Because in the conclusion, it truly is your self-assurance that issues most to your achievements.

Now that we know who he is, let us response a basic questionnaire about what Agent McGee would do in specific scenarios:

Q1. Your best mate has just shed a loved one particular, how do you deal with it?

A. McGee has experienced via the dying of 2 group customers in the previous, which has strengthened him significantly. He would be there for a buddy, and stand tall when it is needed. Like Dr. Mallard, he is strongly supportive and keen to ease and comfort a friend in will need.

Q2. You just received $1,000,000 from a lottery ticket that you purchased. How do you react?

A. McGee would gloat to Tony and Ziva about the lottery earn, just as they would gloat to him. With the income, he would probably expend 90% of it on himself, which includes a car and Armani/Ralph Lauren clothes.

Q3. Your finest pal has just reached his or her dream goal. How do you demonstrate your assistance?

A. McGee would be extremely satisfied for his good friend, and celebrate the celebration. He is not considerably of a chief, or a party thrower, so he would follow someone else’s direct. McGee is quite supportive, but in a diverse way from other characters on the exhibit.

Q4. On your deathbed, how properly did you dwell your life? Is there just about anything you would have carried out otherwise, supplied a 2nd probability?

A. McGee would probably want that he had extra bravery to get extra chances in life. McGee has stayed fairly shut to his comfort zone in the course of his NCIS journey. What he lacks in bravery, he tends to make up for in persistence. Despite the fact that McGee stayed near to his comfort and ease zone, there is just not significantly that he would transform, if offered a second possibility. He does what he enjoys to do for a dwelling, and that is a person of the maximum accomplishments in existence.

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