Professional Resume Writing Service Versus Software – Which Help is Best?

Bridget J. Sims

Professional resume writing service or professional resume writing software, which on is the best solution to your resume needs? Both are designed to help you to put out an outstanding resume which will in turn help you to stand out from the rest of the job seekers out there, but which one offers the best help for you?

The answer really all depends on you. If you are used to writing and have written your resume before and you only feel that you may need help with the structure of your resume then it may in fact be okay for you to use resume writing software. However, resume writing software lacks something that a professional resume writing service does not; namely personal touch.

When you decide to work with a professional resume service you are deciding to work with people as opposed to working with a program. Granted, a lot of the interaction between yourself and the professional resume writing service may be done in an online capacity such as with e-mail, but with most services you also have the option to call a number and actually get a person on the line.

The process of hiring a professional resume writing service to create your resume for you will in fact begin with a personal inquiry from you. Many services then have you fill out a form that you can submit via e-mail or fax, but the quality services will also have a person talk to you and sort of conduct an ‘interview with you about yourself. This interview will give the professional resume writing service all the information they need about you and your career goals and you are then usually assigned to a specific resume writer.

This resume writer will generally contact you with a friendly e-mail or maybe even a phone call and give you all sorts of options as to how you can contact them if you need to do so. This will allow you to sort of keep tabs on the project and enable you to provide the writer any information you may have inadvertently omitted in the initial ‘interview.’

Once your resume is completed you then have the opportunity to review it and make sure it is to your liking. If it is not, then you will continue to work hand and hand with the resume writer until you get the results you desire. This is something you simply can’t get with resume writing software because it is ultimately you who will be the resume writer.

The job market can be a very competitive place and in order to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack you have to have a resume that is top notch. By working with a professional resume service you will give yourself the chance you need in order to ensure that your resume speaks volumes and that you have the best possibility of landing the job you are after. Best of all, you can accomplish your career goals in a personal sort of way.

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