Python Course For Beginners?

Is there such a thing? Yes, there are a few Python courses for people who don’t have programming backgrounds, but there aren’t many, and their quality varies widely. Most Python training books and courses are aimed at people who already possess extensive programming skills, and are looking to expand the list of computer languages they’re competent in. This is understandable, as the people most likely to buy a book on computer programming are experienced programmers, so that’s who publishers and course organizers aim the bulk of their products at.

But what if you’re someone who doesn’t have a single bit of programming experience? Well, there are a few books and courses targeted for absolute newbies at Python, but their quality, and more importantly, their cost, varies widely. Online you’ll find sites making claims that you can learn Python in under fifteen minutes. That’s absurd, of course; these sites are simply using headlines like those to get you to their page. Those claims aren’t meant to be taken seriously.

At the other end of the spectrum there are boot camp style courses which take place over several days which promise to teach Python to beginners. Some of these are quite good, but there are a couple of drawbacks. For most people, it will cost several hundred dollars for transportation, food and lodging to attend the boot camp. Plus, these type of training programs usually cost a thousand dollars or more. For most people, this sort of expense simply isn’t feasible.

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