Reg Cleaner – Tool For Registry Repair

Your computer needs to maintain a healthy Windows registry database to avoid slows down or degrade in performance as time pass by, a tiny little software called reg cleaner or registry cleaner is required. In this article, I will introduce to you all about reg cleaner history, how to select the proper software for your Windows and how to use it to fix your computer problems.

Microsoft first introduced Reg Cleaner during Windows 98, and since then many professional reg cleaners were created to provide faster detection and better cleaning. Why do you need to clean registry? Microsoft first introduced Windows registry as the replacement of ini file (A type of software configuration file), provides better management for software programmer but in trade of performance when the registry database grown too large!

Currently there are 2 types of reg cleaners, freeware and commercial. Both serve their purpose and can’t replace each other!

You may download and install as many reg cleaners you like, freeware reg cleaner are very convenient to install (because they are free!) but hard to use because required some human intervention. You also need to manually backup your registry before using them.

On the other hand, commercial reg cleaner provides better error detection rate, safer to use, and you can be expert better support. Some commercial cleaners even provide advance tuning tools to speed up your Windows.

I would recommend you use few free registry cleaners for best result, if you want more effective cleaning, use one or two commercial registry cleaner will do. To Use the schedule feature in commercial reg cleaner to automatic scan and repair your registry.

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