Speed Up Your Computer! Without Spending a Penny on Hardware!

Is your computer speed slower then it should be? Do you think your PC or laptop was running more faster when was bought then it is now? Well if that is the case, then you are on the right place, in this article I will share with you, why your PC is slow and how to speed up the PC or laptop processor power without to buying any hardware.

Many people think that they have to buy more hardware to speed up the computer processor power. Most of them tend to upgrade their memory RAM, although this might help the computer speed, but there are other ways to do it. Other inexpensive ways that not requires purchasing anything. And this is what I will share with you.

The first step is to run a disk defrag on your system. You see, whenever your computer processes information it requires to jump from places, this takes time. Defragging your system, will create some kind of library were everything is organised, this will make easy to your computer to find information, and ultimately will speed up its processor power and you will be able to access and run multiple programs at the same time.

The second step is to close the unnecessary startup programs. As you know many programs tends to starts up from the moment you start your machine. This programs often create an icon next to the PC clock. These icons are the startup programs. Firewalls and anti virus are the ones you should leave it, but any thing else you should close it for ever. If you require to use it, then just open it manually, instead of allowing to run it on the startup, because by doing so you are wasting you computer processor power. As you are no using it, but the PC is processing anyways, so shut down it immediately. To do so go to start then run and type “msconfig” the system configuration utility will open, next click on the startup tab, here you will find all the programs that are running on the startup, just uncheck all the unnecessary programs and click apply. Note, you may require to restart your machine. And if you need to startup a program in the future just check them and use the same process. By eliminating all unnecessary startup programs you will increase you PC speed and performance dramatically!

The third step This is the most important step to speed up your computer. SI to clean the registry! You see as we install or remove programs our registries get cluttered with useless, invalid and unrecognised files. This clogs everything up! And it leaves you asking why is my computer slow? Getting rid of those unnecessary files will not only speed up your computer but will also prevent it from crashing in the future.

So here you have it, the top three steps to speed up you computer and laptop processor power.

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