The Right Drapery Hardware Rods For You

Bamboo, rattan, chrome, brass; take your pick. Does it go well with arched windows, or circular ones? I don’t doubt it. Whatever or however shaped your windows are, there is always the right drapery hardware rods, finials, brackets, and curtain rings for them.

In the old days, the hard part would be picking the right curtains for the room. These days, the hard part is picking the right drapery hardware to go with your curtains. Take the drapery rod. Whether your window is framing a bay, a forest or a city view, you have think of whether the rod you’re going to use for your window will be functional or decorative. The difference between the two is that a functional rod would be concealed by the curtains while as a decorative rod serve the purpose of enhancing the looks of the drapes or curtains.

Usually, when we think of drapery rods, we think of bedrooms, or sitting rooms or study rooms or the likes. But these rods are also used in the bathroom, either for the windows or for the shower curtains. Sometimes these rods have also served the purpose of being used by kids as a form of monkey bars; especially the ones placed in short windows.

A good thing about drapery hardware these days is that the market makes it so much easier to buy them wholesale. Customized sets would have the drapery hardware rods, brackets, finials and scones. So the homemaker has no problem with having to match the whole thing piece by piece.