Tips For Choosing Cabinet Hardware

If your installing New cabinets and counters, or if your resurfacing your old cabinets and counters one thing you may want to rethink is your cabinet hardware.

One thing that is always a overlooked is the kitchen hardware, your knobs and pulls, although small, has a huge impact on your kitchens overall visual effect. There are several tips that you want to keep in mind when choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware.

Color: The color alone or your cabinet hardware can command a presence in a room or blend into elegance. There are many colors to choose from, depending on who you get your knobs and pulls from. The most common colors for cabinets are black/forged, brushed steel, polished steel, brass, copper. There are many more colors to choose that are not listed here as well.

Style: The style that you choose for your cabinets should be reflected in your cabinet hardware. if you choose a simplistic design you may want to choose a pull that is simplistic in design as well. You may not want to put a hand forged celtic knot on a design that is more of a victorian design. Styles are hard to list, there are so many, and they are always changing.

You have thousands of options to choose from, don’t just settle on what MIGHT look alright or what the dealer may have in stock, but make sure that your hardware matches not only your cabinet styles but also the rest of your kitchens elements.

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