Tips For Using Data Recovery Software That is Free to Download

Bridget J. Sims

There’s no doubt that coming across good data recovery software which is free to download is hard to come by. The software’s ability to recover files is going to be dependent on many factors such as if your hard drive was physically damaged. For some people they unknowingly deleted files and for others they may have had a disruption in power but whatever the reason searching out for some software that can help retrieve valuable data and cost you nothing is definitely worth seeking.

There two very important things about data recovery software, and more specifically freeware, that you should know before moving forward with any software.

First, if the hard drive reports a CRC or IO error than your hard drive has, unfortunately, had a complete failure and your data is not going to be recoverable using a freeware software that can only recover deleted files. You will need to use more specialized software and I’m sure you will be happy to pay the cost for any reputable software in order to retrieve any data you can.

The second thing you should know is extremely crucial. Please do not install any freeware data recovery software onto the computer in which you are trying to recover data from. Look for programs that offer such free version on another computer and then download the software onto a flash drive and run it directly from there. Then save the extracted data on the flash drive for added protection.

If you do choose a data recovery software program that does require installation on your computer such as PC-Inspector File Recovery, you must have a second drive. If you install the software onto the drive you are trying to recover from you will permanently over write your data. Now that would be painful!
Follow these tips when using data recovery software that is free to download and you should be successful in retrieving your lost files.

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