Entry VBA Programming – How to Use VBA to Automate Your Experiences

Bridget J. Sims

To automate your experiences in Entry, you can use VBA (Visual Simple for Applications) programming language to compose code in the code module of the report.

The report item in your database has numerous homes. Each and every property can execute an event procedure. The variation with sorts is that the user can not initiate any homes from his plan. It is the developer who does every thing. There are no buttons to click.

To produce code behind a report, adhere to these methods:

1st, you open up a report in layout view. Then open its qualities menu. Click on the occasion tab and open up the combo box linked to the On Open event house. This is the party that is activated when the report is opened.

Following, you opt for [Event Procedure] from the combo box Then click on the button that is just appropriate of the combo box. The button has the period of ellipses (…) on it. This will open the VBA editor. A new sub treatment is created for this occasion.

Lastly, you publish some statements that will be executed when the report opens. For example, you want your method to put together the knowledge, just prior to printing.

Suppose you to start with need to execute a delete query, then an append question and at last an update question, you can write the next strains of code:

Docmd.OpenQuery “qryName_ToDelete”

Docmd.OpenQuery “qryName_ToAppend”

Docmd.OpenQuery “qryName_ToUpdate”

This method guarantees that the information is always up to day when your report executes.

You need to know even though, that applying VBA is not often the appropriate respond to to a difficulty. When developing a report, there are things that you can do that don ‘t require programming. Alternatively, with a adequately positioned manage, or with the use of a grouping area, the preferred performance can also be obtained.

More than time, you will study to detect what can be solved with code and what can be solved through the use of controls.

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